The club was originally organized in 1956 by a bunch of teenagers not only trying to keep their cars running, but to help others that encountered trouble on the road. Do you remember the teen dances of the 50's? We even sponsored a few of those. In 1962 the club disbanded after most of us graduated and were forced to leave the area because of the bad economy on the range.

In 2000 the idea to revive the club surfaced when a few friends were discussing the possibility of forming a car club. One of them recalled memories of the Squires. They located the original members to get their feelings on bringing the life back into the Squires. Needless to say, we all agreed.

The revived club, unlike the original, does not have any officers. When we decide to do something, it is a club venture. We meet on a monthly basis in the members garages and rarely discuss anything other than cars. Of course we cruise every Tuesday evening during the summer months.

To make a long story short, the idea has flourished and the Squires car club is alive and well, still community minded and helping out whenever the need arises.

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